INSPECTOR SYSTEMS GmbH is based in Rödermark, south from Frankfurt, and has been involved with the development and manufacture of pipe crawler and customer specific special machines since 1983. We have specialized ourselves on producing pipe robots for interior inspection and maintenance of pipe networks. These robots have been largely built to suit the individual needs of our customers but are also suitable for inspection and maintenance service worldwide. The main areas of use for the robots has been the inspection and maintenance of nuclear power plants, conventional power stations, refineries, chemical and petrochemical works, offshore rigs and pipelines, long distance heat conduits and communal sewage systems.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS GmbH is a long term business partner and supplier of pipe manipulators, crawlers and robots to many individual large companies, as well as international firms, who either use their products directly or as part of a service.

Thanks to the know-how of our engineers, technicians and specialists we are able to offer our customers a complete solution for their maintenance and inspection needs. So that we can operate completely independently we have our own development and productions facilities as well as a mechanical and electronics workshops.