The price of a barrel of crude oil is currently heading towards the magical 100 dollar threshold. This has led to noticeable consequences for the economy and consumers. In developing new reserves the focus is on the deposits off the West African coast which against this background are gaining in significance for future global energy supplies.

Inspection of riser pipes on ENAP offshore platform Chile. The newly developed version of the 4" ultrasonic inspection robot has passed its baptism of fire in practice. It was used on the ENAP offshore platform in Chile just off the coast of Patagonia.

District heating pipelines function hidden away and are an important part of urban infrastructure. Private homes and buildings such as schools and hospitals are supplied with heat that is mainly used for heating purposes. The individual pipelines are laid underground and form an extensive network in entire city centre area.

Since around the middle of the 1960s salt caverns in Germany have solution mined in horizontally layer thick salt layers as well as in salt domes with up to 2000 m deep borings.

Right up until 1987 steam pipelines in newly constructed power stations were still being cleaned with hot steam produced by the turbines to be brought into operations. Although this "steam blow" cleaned the pipelines, it was time-consuming and cost-intensive. The consequence was later commissioning with costly delays of up to six weeks.