Various trials and tests carried out by renowned international companies and expert organisations in the offshore sector (some also in collaboration with INSPECTOR SYTEMS) confirm that the result of the process of internally grinding welding seams in different welded connections is a considerable increase in the fatigue life of these important joints.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS, in collaboration with Kontrolltechnik GmbH, has in recent years developed various SLOFEC eddy current inspection robots for GE Inspection, one of the world’s leading technology groups based in the USA.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is celebrating its birthday. For 30 years the Rödermark special-purpose machine manufacture has been building pipe robots for inspecting, testing and working on pipeline systems.

In September 2013 INSPECTOR SYSTEMS carried out wall thickness measurements on safety-relevant nuclear power station pipelines for IntelligeNDT Systems & Services GmbH, a globally operating company in the field of non-destructive materials testing in the nuclear power station sector.

Since 2006 INSPECTOR SYSTEMS, in collaboration with ApplusRTD, has been checking the extensive district heating pipeline network in the Dutch metropolis of Rotterdam. The district heating pipes of the energy provider ENECO are laid under the ground and in some cases pass under heavily used roads, tunnels, rivers, metro and underground railway lines.