Various trials and tests carried out by renowned international companies and expert organisations in the offshore sector (some also in collaboration with INSPECTOR SYTEMS) confirm that the result of the process of internally grinding welding seams in different welded connections is a considerable increase in the fatigue life of these important joints.

This applies above all in the case of deep-sea pipelines, and in particular Oil Off-Loading Lines (OOLs) and Steel Catenary Risers (SCRs). With its grinding robot technology INSPECTOR SYSTEMS has the technical know-how to competently grind welding seam connections from the inside and thereby prolong their fatigue life.

Internal grinding of offshoere welding seams

This makes for a long-term increase in safety, and, in turn, a significant saving in costs. This grinding robot technology is also used by the Norwegian subsidiary of the American company FMC Technologies.

FMC Technologies is an American oil service company with a global presence and headquarters in Houston/Texas, that in 2010 was voted the “World‘s Most Admired Oil and Gas Equipment, Service Company” by the magazine Fortune.

FMC bought an INSPECTOR SYSTEMS grinding robot which covers a diameter range between 165 and 205 mm and is being used in the Wheatstone project for the internal grinding of welding seams. The proven grinding technology increases the fatigue life and quality of welded connections that are located below the water surface.