According to general calculations, the population of Africa will double in the next 30 years by 2050 and then account for a total of 20% of the world's population. In order to feed these people, it is fundamentally important for the African continent and its economy that sustainable technologies and skilled jobs are created in Africa itself. Here Inspector Systems supports "Enda" with a loan in the middle 5-digit range, so that the start-up company founded by 2 Kenyans can make the leap to an established company.


Enda is a "Public Benefit Corporation" from Nairobi / Kenya. It emerged from a startup and has set itself the goal to carry the world-famous Kenyan running spirit into the world by producing Enda for the first time high quality running shoes Made in Kenya. The special thing about Enda is the sustainable idea of producing the running shoes completely locally in Kenya from the raw material to the finished running shoe, thus also creating skilled jobs throughout the local supply chain.

At the same time, Enda is committed to reinvesting a portion of the company's profits in charitable projects in Kenya through its status as a "Public Benefit Corporation".

We are Enda