Within the context of the collaboration with the German company BHR Hochdruck- Rohrleitungsbau and the French AREVA NP group during the construction of the new nuclear power station in Olkiltuoto, Finland, the INSPECTOR SYSTEMS robots proved themselves across the board. As a result another contract has now followed – this time with AREVA NP, based in Paris – for the Flamanville 3 nuclear power station.

Many years ago a Japanese delegation began a journey around the globe on behalf of the Japan Gas Association in order to find new technologies for the inspection of gas pipelines. Around a year and a half ago this delegation also came to visit INSPECTOR SYSTEMS in Rödermark.

In 2010, as part of routine annual overhauls in two German nuclear power stations, the internal coating of various underground cooling water pipelines was fully inspected using INSPECTOR SYSTEMS pipe robots.

For the 28th fuel element replacement and for annual plant inspection the Grafenrheinfeld nuclear power station was disconnected from the network on 6th March 2010. During this inspection it was the task of INSPECTOR SYSTEMS to inspect sections of the TH pipeline system with the aid of remote-controlled pipe robots.

Rocky grasslands, a volcanic landscape and right in the middle of it monumental stone sculptures: this is Easter Island. Around 3500 km from the coast of Chile and 4000 km from Tahiti, this is probably one of the loneliest, but also most fascinating places on Earth.