In December 2014 the energy company Shell commissioned INSPECTOR SYSTEMS to visually inspect various pipeline systems on the Gumusut Kakap platform. This involved 6-, 8-, 10- and 12-inch pipelines with an inside diameter of approx. 140 to 280 mm.

The supply of hygienically perfect drinking water always in sufficient quantity and quality and the trouble-free forwarding to the respective end consumers is the sovereign duty of every single water supply company.

50m vertical pipelines in the Penly nuclear power plant in France are no problem for pipe robots from INSPECTOR SYSTEMS

The worldwide oil production is shifting increasingly into the deep sea. After the global Offshore Production made up for a quarter of the total oil production in 1990, in 2010 it was already a third – trend rising. Consequently the depths of the world’s oceans are becoming more and more interesting to such an extent, because the gas and oil reserves on land are dwindling.

Mineral oil is a mixture of substances consisting mainly of hydrocarbons, that during transformation processes develops into organic matter. Embedded in the earth’s crust, as a raw material the mineral oil obtained by means of extraction and not yet, or only primarily treated, is also known as crude oil.