On the basis of the requirement of FMC Technologies and RPT Production to grind the safety-relevant vertical pipelines of an oil platform from the inside, the clients began to intensively sound out the global market. Ultimately they were persuaded by the INSPECTOR SYSTEMS grinding robot technology.

Wirbelstromprüfroboter ermittelt Restwandstärken von gusseisernen Kanälen. In Switzerland the INSPECTOR 5000 test robot with a SLOFEC inspection unit DN 350 was used.

In collaboration with its Angolan subsidiary Petromar, the Italian company Saipem was commissioned by BP to manufacture in Angola, Africa, offshore risers for Block 31, one of 4 deep-sea basins of an oil field in which BP holds an interest.

GE Hitachi Inc. has awarded Inspector Systems the contract to develop and manufacture various ultrasonic test robots for determining the wall thickness of underground pipelines.

The pipelines at The Dow Chemical Company, better known in short as Dow Chemical, are up to 610 millimetres diameter at the subsidiary in Terneuzen. A special challenge for the Inspector Systems team.