Technical installations that are subject to stringent requirements should always be kept on the best possible level of operational safety. This applies particularly to installations with their innumerable piping systems that require a high degree of reliability, comfort and safeness. Keeping individual pipeline sections in perfect condition is a crucial prerequisite for the trouble-free operation of the entire system. The pipeline systems therefore have to undergo strict and regular tests of various types which ensures that any damage to the pipes as a result of wear, corrosion, erosion and cracking etc. is detected, respectively prevented at an early stage. Subsequently it can occur that a detected damage is not accessible from the outside and a repair by appropriate means must take place from the inside.
Inspector Systems is a specialist in manufacturing of self-propelled, tethered and remote controlled pipe robots for internal inspection, non-destructive testing and machining as well as to provide worldwide services, especially for so called „challenging pipelines“ or buried-, difficult to access- and complex pipe structures of any kind. Examples are pumping lines and tank to tank connections in refineries, street-, railway- or river crossings, pipes in nuclear-, thermal- and conventional power plants, feeding pipes in gas-, oil- and offshore constructions etc. The modular and flexible design of the pipe robots makes it possible to equip them with different inspection-, testing- or machining modules as well as to insert through limited accesses and to drive pipe systems bi-directionally through bends and inclinations.

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12 July 2023
World Nuclear Exhibition 2023 / 28. November - 30. November / Paris Nord Villepinte / Hall 7 - Stand F4
5 December 2022
Major order for British NPP: Robot technology ensures quality of the nuclear steam supply system
25 October 2022
Biological contamination of fuels is a sensitive issue wherever large quantities of fuels are needed or stored over a long period of time. When organisms such as bacteria or fungal growth clog the lines and filters of fuel tanks, it is not uncommon for this to lead to the failure of engines and motors.
19 September 2022
Cooling water pipelines are the lifelines in nuclear power plants and occur in three main cooling water circuits in reactors of the pressurised water type, which accounts for about 90% of the reactors in operation worldwide. In addition, there are emergency and auxiliary cooling systems.
Milling Robots
Milling robots and manipulators can be deployed in all types of situations where grooves inside of pipe systems need to be ground down and where localised defects must be promptly removed.
Grinding Robots
Robots with grinding capabilities have been especially developed by Inspector Systems for the removal of weld roots within the interior of pipe systems.
Inspection Robots
These flexible robots are well suited for carrying out inspections on pipe systems, especially those that have a lot of bends, vertical sections and pipe branches.
Ultrasonic Robots
Ultrasonic Inspection Robots from INSPECTOR SYSTEMS have been specially developed for making detailed measurements of the thickness of pipe walls using ultrasonic techniques.
Pipe Robots
Pipe robots from Inspector Systems have been especially developed for the inspection and maintenance of the interior of pipe systems.
Areas of use
The main areas of application are in the fields of quality assurance and maintenance of nuclear power stations, conventional power stations, refineries, chemical/petrochemical plans, district heating systems, gas pipelines and the off-shore industry.
Inspector Systems
INSPECTOR SYSTEMS GmbH is based in Rödermark, south from Frankfurt, and has been involved with the development and manufacture of pipe crawler and customer specific special machines since 1983.

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