INSPECTOR SYSTEMS offers the customer full-service support

A nightmare for every customer. They order a product, it is delivered, something is wrong, there are still questions unanswered. And now he can no longer reach the contact person, ends up in a call center, has to initiate sluggish email correspondence. Not with us: We focus on comprehensive support and advice in every phase of the project! Our customers also receive full support after delivery.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS has a lot to offer. From individual product training, subsequent customized conversions, maintenance (also on site), special spare parts etc. to technical support for robot applications. The latter can be provided by telephone, with individual on-call service. Of course, we are also personally on site for the customers.

Our highly qualified personnel with many years of experience are available for this task. Regular and customized employee training courses qualify us to offer our services in particularly demanding working environments, e.g. inside nuclear power plants or on offshore oil rigs and wind farms.

A full service that the customer can rely on.

After-Sales-Service ist Teil unserer DNA