Major order for British NPP: Robot technology ensures quality of the nuclear steam supply system

Biological contamination of fuels is a sensitive issue wherever large quantities of fuels are needed or stored over a long period of time. When organisms such as bacteria or fungal growth clog the lines and filters of fuel tanks, it is not uncommon for this to lead to the failure of engines and motors.

Cooling water pipelines are the lifelines in nuclear power plants and occur in three main cooling water circuits in reactors of the pressurised water type, which accounts for about 90% of the reactors in operation worldwide. In addition, there are emergency and auxiliary cooling systems.

At this year's barbecue, we were pleased to welcome a special guest: Simon Jocher, World Cup ski racer and participant in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing/China.

When the energy group EDF announced the construction of a third reactor in Flamanville (France), which is the third generation of pressurised water reactors, INSPECTOR SYSTEMS has been present with its pipe robot technology and service since the beginning of the installation of the pipe system as a subcontractor for the quality assurance of the internally located weld seams.