Annealing colours: What's behind them and how do I get rid of them?
Welding belongs to the most widespread joining technique in metal construction. The origins of the joining of iron and steel parts lie in the blacksmith's fire and pressure welding process already several hundred years in the past.

Supply of 4 different inspection robots for the Hungarian Paks nuclear power station .

Welding seams are corrected by grinding robots in piece work application. The Aasta Hansten oil platform of the Statoil company is one of the most extensive and highly complex industrial projects in Europe. The destination of the oil platform lies 300 kilometres from the west coast of Norway.

The inspection of vertical pipelines using pipe robots in French nuclear power stations is a done deal: Électricité de France SA (EDF) is a government-dominated stock exchange-listed French electricity company.

In accordance with Article 4451-122 of the French Occupational Health and Safety Law of the 27.11.2013, only companies which have Qualianor certification or can provide evidence of a comparable certification may work in nuclear plants subject to radiation protection conditions.