Process optimization through the use of state-of-the-art technology

"An investment in the future", describes in a few words exactly the expansion of our machinery with a new 5-axis machining center. In its basic structure, a pipe robot from INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is a highly developed machine that has been refined and perfected over the decades and is of outstanding quality and excellence. The permanent further development of existing application technologies requires the use of new production technologies in conjunction with our pipe robot technology. In particular, the desired efficiency made it necessary to technologically optimize our production capabilities.

Hundreds of individual mechanical, electrical and pneumatic parts, some with very specific geometries, require a high degree of precision in the manufacture of the individual components so that they fit together perfectly during assembly.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS sets new standards

New 5-axis machining center for maximum precision

The holistic manufacturing process with a high depth of production level for products with the highest standards of functionality and excellent quality in terms of durability and reliability has been continuously optimized throughout our 40-year history. This requires state-of-the-art machinery. The high-quality and highly flexible CNC machining centers from Hurco are used. The machine series was supplemented by a new machining center, equipped with five axes and adapted to the necessary production requirements. It is now possible to produce components with even more complex geometries quickly, efficiently and precisely.