Growth from a one-man engineering office to a global player

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS, a pioneer from the very beginning as a developer and manufacturer of pipe robots for the internal inspection, testing and processing of complex pipe structures, celebrated its 40th anniversary. Founded in November 1983 by Rainer Hitzel, the company, which is still owner-managed today, has developed into a global player with its innovative pipe robot technology. The pipe robots from Rödermark have been sold or used in service projects in a total of 31 different countries on five continents.

The actual idea of developing a pipe robot for use in industrial applications was the result of a hobby and an unbridled enthusiasm for technology. From then on, a basic idea was the inspiration for all developments: an independently propelling transport system that moves effortlessly through pipes with bends and vertical sections to inspect them. Entrepreneurial enthusiasm coupled with technical expertise led to the start of the company as a sole proprietorship in a rented garage. The first result was the successful market launch of a pipe robot. The industry's interest in such a special system was aroused and demand increased rapidly. More and more new variations for the mostly customised applications left the small garage, whose capacity very quickly reached its limit.

Rainer Hitzel Marcus Hitzel

Development, design, project planning, production, service - from a single source

became necessary to relocate to a rented hall in order to keep pace with the company's expansion. The year 1991 marked a milestone in the company's history, just eight years after it was founded: the new company building was opened in Rödermark.

The development of the company, now managed by the second generation of the family, did not end there. With the extension of the first building section in 2008 and the subsequent expansion of the production halls with the construction of a new technical centre consisting of a hall and pipe test sections of various diameters in 2011, the growth was also visible to the outside world. Currently, 23 qualified specialists are responsible for the punctual completion of a wide range of projects for customers worldwide. Departments for development, design and production with state-of-the-art processing machines ensure technological solutions from a single source.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS celebrated its "40th" in style: the staff and their partners spent an entertaining evening together in a historic manor house.

40 years of Inspector Systems

40 years of Inspector Systems