INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is celebrating its birthday. For 30 years the Rödermark special-purpose machine manufacture has been building pipe robots for inspecting, testing and working on pipeline systems.

The story of the company began on 1st November 1983 in a rented garage with just two employees. Today INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is an internationally operating company with 15 specialist personnel and references in more than 25 countries on almost every continent.

This is certainly a cause for celebration, and so the entire workforce, along with their partners, headed off to a very special event - a colour wine-tasting at the Dr Hinkel Rhine-Hessian winery in Framersheim.

Even on the way there in a specially hired coach there was an interesting programme lined up – a visit to the Oppenheim cellar labyrinth.

The Oppenheim cellar labyrinth is an approximately 40 km-long system of cellars, passages and stairs going down as far as 5 storeys under the town. In the past it was used by merchants to store and sell their wares, particularly as the Rhine trade route to Speyer and Strasbourg, for example, passed straight through the wine metropolis of Oppenheim. A well-qualified guide and head protection were of great help on the way through the fascinating maze.

Then it was off to lunch and on to Framersheim to the Dr Hinkel winery. Once there the afternoon began with a companionable ride through the vineyards in a covered wagon with several wine samplings, including on part of the famous Camino de Santiago.

During the evening the colour wine-tasting was on agenda. This special kind of wine- tasting, accompanied by a 5-course meal, shows the influence of different coloured light on the taste of the wine. Colour-matched pictures on the wall emphasised the selected light and enhanced the flavour of the wine.

The lovely ambiance and the hospitality of the Dr Hinkel winery made this convivial evening into an unforgettable event.