INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is celebrating its birthday. For 25 years the Rödermark engineering company has been developing and building pipe robots for inspecting and testing pipeline systems.

The story of the company began on 1st November 1983, at which time the company operated under the name Rainer Hitzel GmbH. It was set up in a leased workshop with two employees. The founder of the company, Rainer Hitzel, was constantly spurred on by a vision – the development of an independently advancing transport system that could travel along pipelines with bends and vertical sections in order to inspect them.

A short while later he succeeded for the first time, and from then on newer and newer variations of these pipeline robots have been built to customer specifications and deployed throughout the world.

The proof is in the pudding. The number of customers has been growing constantly. The establishment of new business divisions in combination with the continuous further development of the pipeline robots has since then determined the history of the company, which since 1991 has been based at its current company head offices in Rödermark south of Frankfurt am Main.

Today a competent team of engineers, technicians and specialists develops and produces pipe robots specially tailored to individual customers’ requirements, ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the most varied projects throughout the world.