INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is developing a robot platform for inspecting aircraft wings. The contract with the research institute Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Bari, Italy, means working in an entirely different field.

INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is developing a robot platform for inspecting aircraft wings

On the basis of its available technical know-how INSPECTOR SYSTEMS has developed a completely new type of inspection robot platform. With the aid of this technology navigation around the honeycomb structure of modern carbon fibre composite aircraft wings is possible.

The structure of this platform is reminiscent of a type of caterpillar vehicle and can be moved in four different directions. Using encoders and process software developed by the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche it is possible to reach every required area of the imposing wing.

With this platform the institute is investigating the best method of destruction-free testing of the wings before and during operation.

The mechanical dimensions of the robot platforms are designed so that both the nar-rowest section of the honeycomb structures with a width of only 100 mm, as well as the broadest section (approx. 350 mm) can be traversed.

In order to be able to perform the various inspection and testing tasks the basic version of this robot platform is water-tight, has a pan and tilt head with a high-resolution zoom camera and a spot laser for measuring and classifying the detected areas within the aircraft wing.

Mounting additional sensors on the platform optionally allows other testing method to be tried out.