INSPECTOR SYSTEMS has now been certified as service provider for work in French nuclear power plants. Électricité de France SA (EDF) Certifies Qualification as Supplier.

Work in nuclear power plants requires very specific organisation and a quality assurance program to guarantee the quality of the performed work under safety aspects.

After receiving the order for and delivering a total of six pipe robots used for internal visual inspection and polishing of the EAS pipelines at the different nuclear power plants (read our report in our INSIGHT 2017 newsletter), the qualification process as service provider of Électricité de France for the execution of independent work in French nuclear power plants in running operation as well as for dismantling and installation has been completed successfully.

As a result, INSPECTOR SYSTEMS is now one of the approved suppliers of the group of companies, and thus also eligible for participation in future EDF bidding processes for purchases and services.

The prerequisite for the qualification was the implementation of a radiation protection management system, which had already been introduced and also certified by Qualianor according to French specifications last year (read out report in INSIGHT 2017). To classify as service provider and potential supplier for EDF, a candidate must complete a qualification process during which the competence of a future supplier is determined.

Most importantly, the general quality and sustainability standards that EDF requires from its suppliers must be met. The first step involves questions about the company and its products and services. However, different requirement levels must be fulfilled depending on the area of operation for that a certification is to be obtained. The following rule applies: The higher the risk for the general public, the higher the requirements for the supplier. This means additional specific tests and audits, in particular for future activities in nuclear plants.

The supplier qualification is initially valid for the following five years and, firstly, includes the option of direct supply of pipe robots to EDF and, secondly, also the independent execution of contract projects using the supplier’s own staff in the area of non-destructive tests at all French nuclear power plants in observance of the French Atomic Energy Law and the associated implementation of the special radiation protection requirements.